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Chevron Alumni and Bridges Registration

Thank you for your interest in the Chevron Alumni Hiring programs. Note that some fields are visible to other members to facilitate networking and finding former colleagues. These fields are indicated with an . Other fields are for administrative purposes and for Chevron managers supporting the hiring programs.

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Bridges Application

Interested technical/professional former employees can use the Chevron alumni website to sign up for Chevron's Bridges program (Bridges). Bridges allows you to be considered for specific contract assignments in the technical disciplines supported by Upstream, Global Gas, and the Energy Technology Company (ETC). Contract opportunities include project assignments as technical specialists, partner representatives, guest speakers, recruiters, mentors, peer reviewers, and advisors to focus areas.

A resume or GO-400-02 is required. You may upload this later if your resume or GO-400-02 is not immediately available. If you do not have a CV/resume or a GO-400-02, use this template. Your primary discipline and current or upcoming availability are required upon registering as interested in the Bridges program.

Please select your primary expertise as your discipline.


Please use the text box to indicate whether you are available immediately. If you are available in the future, indicate your date of availability.

If you do not have a CV/resume or a GO-400-02, use this template

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