Chevron Alumni

Direct and Contract Hiring

As a member of Chevron Alumni, you may indicate your interest in direct hire or contract assignments.

  • Effective May 1, 2014, HR Policy 305 – Services of Former Employees will be revised to comply with recent guidance from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The revisions are in regards to rehiring or retaining former employees, and apply to employees who are on the U.S. payroll or who participate in the U.S. retirement plans, or both.

    Under the new guidance, former U.S.-payroll employees, regardless of pay scale group, must meet the following criteria before they may be rehired as employees or contractors:

    · All employees must be separated from the company for at least six months.

    · Once rehired, an employee’s work schedule must be less than 50 percent of the average time worked over the 36-month period prior to separation. For example, if an employee worked full time for the 36 months prior to his or her separation from service, he or she may work part time (less than 50 percent) upon rehire. Exceptions to this rule may apply under the following circumstances:

o If an employee does not take a distribution from the Chevron Retirement Plan, he or she may be rehired on a full-time basis after six months.

o If an employee takes a distribution from the Chevron Retirement Plan, he or she may be rehired on a full-time basis after three years.

  • Should a suitable contracting opportunity arise, you will be contacted by the project manager or hiring manager. At the time you are selected for a specific assignment, you will be contracted through one of the program's designated third-party employment agencies. The third-party agency will handle the administrative aspects of contracting for you.

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We encourage you to keep your information updated, especially the “Summary of Previous Work Experience” section.